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Looking for the hunt of a lifetime? Then Alaska's Unit 17 Hunting Area is definitely for you! Contact now and make sure that you get the hunt you’ve always wanted.

Gabe Davis and his family own and manage Davis Outfitters in Dillingham, Alaska. Gabe has spent over two decades in western Alaska, hunting, trapping, and guiding. He understands the lay of the terrain better than anybody as a year-round pilot and guide. As a dedicated hunter and trapper, he spends a lot of time in the field to figure out where and when the best hunting grounds are.

We provide hunts in the spring and fall in some of Alaska's most remote and beautiful places, including the Alaska Peninsula and Western Alaska. Your hunt will be an unforgettable experience because of the accommodations, food, camp equipment, and low hunter-to-guide ratio.

Check out our hunts below for more information, or contact us to start arranging your Alaskan big game hunt!

Image by McKayla Crump


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FAll Bear Hunt

Bristol Bay boasts the state's highest salmon returns. We search for big coastal brown bears who are fed high grade salmon in the Bristol Bay tributaries. Your brown bear hunt in the fall will take place in one of the world's most densely populated bear habitats. Because of the strong populations, the state has designated Unit 17 as a 2 bear area.


 Unit 17's spring bear hunt is one of the most thrilling and stunning in the state. You'll go by snowmobile through beautiful mountains and frozen lakes, with the chance to see large coastal Brown Bears emerging from their winter dens. This hunt is the dream for spot and stalk hunters.


The hunts take place in Western Alaska, near two of the smaller mountain ranges. During the month of September, a setting speckled with gorgeous lakes, rivers, and among the foothills of Alaska's Bristol Bay area. Most moose camps will encounter a variety of Alaska's top predators and Big Game species while on a moose hunt. Black and Brown Bears, Caribou, Wolf, and Wolverine are all typical sights for moose hunters. Combination hunts are available for people who desire to hunt numerous species.


Davis Outfitters, as licensed transporters, may drop you off anyplace in Alaska where you are legally permitted to hunt. Davis Outfitters has a comparative advantage over all seasonal transports since your pilot spends the entire year living and flying in western Alaska. Those that hunt without a guide will know that the quality and comfort of their hunt is greatly reliant on the quality of their equipment.

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